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Vintage Transporters:

Race Car Haulers & Other Transports of the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s


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Streamlined Dreams:

Teardrop and Streamlined Cars and Trucks of the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s


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Articles in Print:

2014, June, Hemmings Classic Car: “George Dammann, Crestline Books’ Driving Force

2013, Summer/Fall, Motor Trend Classic: “Land-Bound Pegasus” – The 1952 Maverick Sportster

2013, Spring, Motor Trend Classic:  “The Comet’s Tail” – The 1947 Kurtis Omohundro Comet

 2013, Feb-March-April, PowerGlide (France): “Bill Burke’s Streamliner” 

2012, Winter, Motor Trend Classic: “Running Rings Around All Others” The 1952 Saturn 

2011, Winter, Street Rod Premium (SRP): “Built For Speed” – Belly Tanks, The Ultimate Hot Rods

2010, #48, The Rodder’s Journal: “Tank Tracks” – The 1946 Bill Burke Belly Tank

The Rodder’s Journal – Dan Post 1

The Rodder’s Journal – Dan Post 2 and books

Rodder’s Journal – Fall 2009_Throttle Magazine Article and books

Shark – Porsche Excellence October 2008

Shark – Classic and Sports Car August 2008

Lasaetta – Classic and Sports Car

Glasspar – Classic and Sports Car

Singer – Vintage Motors Journal

Bearcage – Vintage Racecar Journal: November 2008 

Bearcage – Classic & Sports Car, October 2010

Sports Customs Article: Kustoms & Hot Rods, February 2011

Steve Steers Vicress: 2011 May Hemmings Muscle Machines

Captain Curiosity

Hot Rod Deluxe – 1

Hot Rod Deluxe – 2

Hagerty Magazine – 1

Hagerty Magazine

Amelia Island Program – 2010

Pebble Beach Concours Progam – 2012

St. Petersburg Times, July 12, 2006: Shark

St. Petersburg Times, March 1, 2000

Hemmings Sports and Exotic: March 2008-Byers
San Francisco Chronicle: September 30th, 2007
Palo Alto Concours d’Elegance Program: 2008
Smokin Shutdown 2009 #19 (Germany): Moon Transporter

Austro Classic Austria January 2009
2010, August, Classic and Sports Car (UK): Fantasies in Fiberglass article

2011, January, Classic and Sports Car (UK): Finding Missing Eric Irwin Lancer

Bay City News (Bay City Michigan), 3/9/2009 – Gougeon Streamliner

Museum Exhibitions and Displays:  

Peterson Automotive Museum – Fantasies In Fiberglass


Petersen Automotive Museum – California Car Design


LeMay Automotive Museum (2012-2013) – Kurtis


duPont Registry Corporate Displays (2013 TO PRESENT) 


NHRA Museum


Bonneville Speed Week (2009)

Art Center Exhibtion Pasadena (2008)

2013: Carlisle Import & Kit Nationals

Articles on the Web:

Autoweek – belly tank

Kurtis – Autoweek

Belly Tank Autoweek


Leo Lyons Custom Merc – Custom Car Chronicle

Jalopy Journal – Gougeon Streamliner

Jalopy Journal – Belly Tank

Gougeon Streamliner – Hemmings

Books In Print:

Tom Cotter’s Book 1

Tom Cotter’s Book 2

Tom Cotter’s Book 3

Hot Rod and Customs: Strother MacMinn – by Ken Gross and Bob Ames

TV / Video Appearances:

2013, July, Jay Leno’s Garage: “1962 El Tiburon Shark”

2013, March, Autoweek: “The Shark is on the Prowl”

2012, September, Jay Leno’s Garage:  “The 1947 Kurtis-Omohundro Comet”

2009, Fall, Bill Burke Belly Tank Interview

2009, June, Fox 13 News, Tampa, Florida:  Bill Burke Streamliner Build Nearing Completion

2006, Summer, Channel 10 News, Tampa, Florida: “1961 Covington Tiburon at Museum”

Radio/Podcast Appearances:

 Gone Autos: The Best American Car Story Never Told

Concours d’Elegance Appearances:

  2007: Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance:  1957 La Dawri Conquest


2009 Amelia: Kurtis


insert photo here

2008: Palo Alto Concours d’Elegance:  1956 Victress S1A


2012: Kirkland Concours d’Elegance: 1947 Kurtis-Omohundro Comet


2012: Salisbury Concours

2013: Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance: 1962 Shark Roadster


2013: Milwaukee Masterpiece Concours d’Elegance

2014: Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance: 1955 California Special



 Hersey Elegance

2008: Barrington Concours d’Elegance

2013: Hemmings Concours d’Elegance




2010: Petersen Automotive Museum – Fiberglass day

2012: Salisbury Concours d’Elegance

 2013: Carlisle Import & Kit Nationals